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Novinchoob Branches

Novinchoob Central Office

Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1317947564

Novinchoob building, No 931, After Hor sq, South Kargar to the south

AhmadAbad Showroom

Tehran, Iran
Postal Code:

Block 11E, Wood industry town, Dr. Parsa sq, Ahmadabad Mostowfi 3D Tour

Parax Factory

Tehran, Iran
Postal Code:

Block No 17, Wood industry town, Dr. Parsa square, Ahmadabad Mostowfi

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Business Communication

we are Novin Choob trade department.

Novin Choob is the leader of the Iranian market for the import of machinery, raw materials and spare parts in the wood industry, cabinets and interior decoration, which started its activity in 2003.

The company imports its products to Iran from more than thirty of the world’s top brands, such as Biesse, Cefla, Casadei, KDT, Unitech, Exitech, Lube, LG Himax, Collanti, Henkel, Mas, LMC... .

The company’s features include distributing its products to more than 20,000 unique customers, as well as providing a high quality products and services such as after-sales services, respect customer’s rights, ... .

In the coming years, the Iranian market needs a wide range of manufacturing machines in this area, and this need is growing rapidly with the rapid growth of the population.

Novin Choob is also producing the cabinet doors with the highest quality.

If you have any suggestion about your products in the field of machinery, raw materials and spare parts in the wood industry, cabinets and interior decoration for Novin Choob, please contact us.

Amir Allahyari

Ghazaleh Ghafouri

Hadis Kefayati

Contact to Market

سارا طارمی کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Sara Taremi

حمید نیکخواه کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Hamid Nik-Khah

محمد صیفی کار کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Mohammad Seifikar

افشین سلیمی نوین چوب

Afshin Nazem Salimi
(Sales Manager)

زهرا دانایی حسابدار فروش محصولات نوین چوب

Zahra Danaei

مجید صانعی کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Majid Sanei

524, 525
سیما خدادادیان کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Sima Khodadadian

احسان خداکرم کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Ehsan KhodakaramZadeh

سمیرا درگاهی کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Samira Dargahi

سعید یدالهی کارشناس فروش نوین چوب

Saeed Yadollahi

افسون ناظم سلیمی نوین چوب

Afsoon Nazem Salimi
(Sales Manager)

سعید سمیعیان کارشناس فروش biesse

Saeed Samiean

فریبا کافی کارشناس فروش مواد اولیه نوین چوب

Fariba Kafi

هادی تاجیک کارشناس فروش فینیشینگ نوین چوب

Hadi Tajik

امیرمهدی اشرفی خطوط رنگ گروه صنعتی نوین چوب

AmirMahdi Ashrafi

امین تاجیک کارشناس فروش فینیشینگ نوین چوب

Amin Tajik
(Sales Manager)

رضا کلهر مدیر سی آر ام شرکت نوین چوب

Reza Kalhor
(CRM Manager)


Sales Markets

  • Tehran
  • Razavi Khorasan
  • East Azarbayjan
  • Golestan
  • Khouzestan
  • Isfahan
  • Mazandaran