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Parax: Kitchen cabinets and decoration

Drawing upon a decade of expertise in the field of equipping and consulting production lines with top European machine brands, Novin Choob has successfully equipped factories and manufactured both classic and modern cabinets. Within Novin Choob holding, Parax serves as a division that supplies raw materials to the wood industry and collaborates with the country’s largest manufacturing plants. Moreover, Parax acts as an importer of various materials, including Corian, 2D and 3D veneer, and HPL.


Novin Service: After-sales services

Novin Service, as a division of Novin Choob Holding, has made a significant impact in the field of after-sales services. Leveraging the extensive 15-year experience of its parent company, Novin Service has successfully earned the trust of over 30,000 active customers in the wood industry. The technical service unit of Novin Service is staffed with experienced experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the machinery and their potential defects. These professionals are readily available to provide prompt and efficient service to customers.

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Sazokar: Online sales of tools and hardware

Sazokar Sana Sanat Novin company, known as Sazokar, made its entry into the online sales market for raw materials, tools, hardware, and machinery in 2017. As an integral part of the esteemed and well-established Novin Choob holding, Sazokar has effectively applied the extensive experience of its founders and managers in the supply of various tools, hardware, and machinery to the realm of online sales.

About Novin Choob

Leading supplier of machinery and raw materials for the wood industry

Novin Choob company, as a prominent member of the successful Novin Choob holding has established itself as a trusted name in the wood industry of Iran. Over the course of 21 years of unwavering dedication, Novin Choob has forged an impressive track record in importing and supplying industrial machinery, earning a leading position within the industry. Novin Choob takes pride in delivering its services to customers with a unique perspective on production and manufacturing methods, while also providing the most advanced machinery available.

Novin Choob Products

Buying and Selling Wood
Industry Machinery

At Novin Choob, we are dedicated to supporting and promoting the wood industry in our beloved country. We aim to achieve this by importing top-quality machines and raw materials from around the world and providing assistance to the passionate individuals involved in this great industry. Novin Choob mainly specializes in supplying panel processing machinery and natural wood machinery.

Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking Machinery also known as natural wood machinery, are designed to perform diverse operations on various kinds of natural wood. Among the main natural woodworking machines are band saw, thicknesser, planer, molder, sander, drilling machine, tenoner, and horizontal band saw.

Panel Processing Machinery

Panel-processing machinery is designed to work with engineered wood products like MDF. The main panel-processing machines include CNC machine, vacuum press, edge-bander, sliding table saw, panel saw, and boring machine.


Novin Choob sees the paint sector as the bottleneck of the wood industry, but believes that automatic paint spraying machines can transform it into a gateway to progress.

Raw materials

Raw materials play a crucial role in the manufacturing of durable and high-quality products. As a result, they have been widely acknowledged as an important market for various industries.

Production Line

A production line includes a set of specialized machines working together to manufacture specific products. Novin Choob company leverages its team of skilled human resources, along with strong connections to leading European and Asian companies, to provide both new and used production lines to its customers.

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