Novin Choob Group began its journey with the formation of Novin Choob Company in 2003. The company quickly achieved success and expanded its operations thanks to the dedicated efforts of competent managers and valued human resources.

To ensure comprehensive support for its products and machinery, the Industrial Group formed Novin Service company, which provides professional after-sales services. Recognizing the market’s demand for both classic and modern cabinets, Novin Choob Group established Parax Company. This subsidiary specializes in manufacturing high-quality cabinets, wardrobes, tables, and other furniture, competing with leading worldwide brands and serving both domestic and foreign markets.

Building on the success of Novin Choob Industrial Group, a professional company in the domain of tools and hardware was developed. As a result, the Sazokar company was born. Sazokar has established itself as a prominent company in the tools and equipment market by providing an online platform in addition to offline sales.

Novin Choob Industrial Group Subsidiaries

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