Veneer Splicing CASATI LINEA 1250 PLUS

casati macchine نوین چوب
Throat depth1250 mm
Veneer thickness0.4~2.5 mm
Min. length of veneer350 mm
Overall dimensions2700*1900*1800 mm

Venner Splicing CASATI LINEA 1250 PLUS

Throat depth

1250 mm

Veneer thickness

0.4~2.5 mm

Min. length of veneer

350 mm

Width of veneer sheets from

45 mm

Feed speed

10~40 m/min

Heated zone length

1250 mm

Glue type for pre-glueing

Urea + PVA

Glue type for integrated glueing


Total connected load

6.42 kVA

Average power consumption

4.47 kw

Compressed air consumption

5 NI/min

Compressed air operating pressure

6~8 bar


2000 Kg

Overall dimensions

2700*1900*1800 mm