Vacuum Press Artel VMP 2512

artel نوین چوب
Table usage area2550*1200 mm
Max. working thickness60 mm
Heater motor18.6 kw
Dimensions1700*1950*3000 mm

Automatic Membrane Vacuum Press – ARTEL MVP 2512

This automatic membrane vacuum is a product of the Ukrainian company of Artel; an outstanding company which is widely known amongst Iranian industrialists. In Iran, the products of this company is distributed by Novin Choob Co. Today, this product is produced in China under the license from Artel with the same quality of Ukraine.

The Artel membrane vacuum press 2512 applies the veneers on PVC, high glass, MDF, and wooden surfaces by simultaneously heating and suction of the veneer. In this process the heat loosen the veneer and help it stick to the work piece with the least interference of the operator. Due to the technology used in this elevating single-tray vacuum press machine, it will not demolish the quality and the color of the veneer during the heating process and suction.

The Heating System

The heating system of Artel membrane vacuum press is of low-power consumption and powerful radiant elements which have a high thermal profile and are able to distribute controllable heat steadily. In this vacuum press there are high quality censors which can accurately calculate the amount of heat on the surface of the veneers. By computing the amount of heat and delivering its data to the intelligent PLC, the pre-programmed process of pressing the veneer will be applied by the help of the operator. This machine is able to save 100 different vacuum press programs. Regarding the high thermal profile of this vacuum press the average electricity consumption of it will be decreased to a lower level.

The Tray of Artel MVP 2512

The 1200mm×2600mm tray of this machine is completely made of stainless steel. It is designed in a way that the suction process will be applied steadily to the entire surface of the veneer and therefore it will result in the highest quality of vacuum press in shiny veneers and high glass. This model has got a single tray.

At the edge of this tray a cast iron profile is installed which can provide you with vacuum press of the veneers with the width of 120mm and 140mm.

Powerful clamps which are installed on the four sides of the tray will keep the machine’s door closed efficiently and 100% insulated to the tray.

The machine’s door

In order to use the most space of the workshop, the door of this machine is designed to be elevated in its place. The door moves upwards and downwards with the help of a powerful pneumatic jack and four rails. For the sake of safety when the door is up, apart from a handle at the back there are intelligent pneumatic systems that will keep the door at that position even if the hose is torn up or the air flow is cut. The door is also insulated to prevent heat from being conducted to the body of the machine.

The elevating system of the door is one of the most significant features of this membrane vacuum press. Therefore, there is no need for an extra space to open the door and it will move only in up and down directions.

To control the status of the elements and in general the machine’s functions there is a double glazing at the center of the door. You are also able to install silicone sheets in front of windows. To do so, the door is provided with some handles. The lights installed on the door also provides the operator a better interior view to control the machine’s functions.

The Panel of Artel MVP 2512 Membrane Vacuum Press

Artel MVP 2512 has a touch display monitor to control all of the machines properties and settings. By using this touch display, the operator in able to give the instructions to the PLC. There is also a gauge on the panel showing the status of vacuum press. Moreover, there is a button on the panel which will turn the machine off immediately at the time of emergency.

The Membrane Vacuum Press of Artel Series MVP 2512; a Smart Choice

The vacuum press is at the end of a time-consuming and expensive process; after the cutting processes, CNC, Sanding and assembly we reach to this step. Therefore, saving the invested money and the dedicated time to previous huge steps can be successfully done by choosing a proper and high quality vacuum press machine. As a result, the return of investments will take place sooner.

Installation and Guarantee

All of the products presented by Novin Choob Co. have one year of guarantee after the sale to when utilizing the machine. Training the operator would be done at the place of the customer and would be performed freely by the mechanical experts of Novin Choob Co.

گارانتی دستگاه وکیوم

Other Advantages of Artel’s Membrane Vacuum Press – Series MVP 2512

• Having the CE standard of Europe
• Using the new generation of infrared heater; which is able to heat the surface of PVC only
• The compact and optimized design of the body
• Ease of maintenance and reparation
• With the PLC controlling system, aiming to reach the full automatic procedure and to the least interference of the operator
• Fast heating (4-6 minutes from the surrounding temperature) and no need to keep the machine turned on
• The use of infrared thermometer censor with the technology of Germany
• Being able to save 100 different programs
• Having the pneumatic elevated system
• Having the ability to use veneers with the width of 120mm and 140mm
• 0.08 MPa of vacuum pressure
• The touch HMI display monitor having the ability to control the machine’s various functions
• Vacuum press up to 15cm of height for specific work pieces and creating curves on the MDF work pieces

Table usage area

2550*1200 mm

Max. working thickness

60 mm

Vacuum motor power

10 kw

Heater motor

18.6 kw

Control panel

HMI touch screen


1700*1950*3000 mm


1100 Kg