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Automatic cleaningStandard – Option
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Conveyor mechanismCarbon fiber belt

Easy Celfa Oscillating Spray Machine

This machine can be applied in various industries such as wood, plastic, glass, metal, and composite materials industry.

The Aim of Producing Easy Oscillating Spray Machine

The Easy have the latest technology amongst other oscillating spray machines. This model has two spraying arms which will provide the results with highest quality and even more efficiency. The process of spraying in this model is applied in the easiest way.

The Easy model is a suitable choice in order to apply both matte and glossy finishes. Also, it can provide the basis for the complex systems which help it be able to fulfill mass-production needs.

  • Scanning Accessories

This machine possesses optical photodiodes with extremely high accuracy which scan the shape and the size of the work pieces and deliver its data to the PLC controlling system by machine’s software. In this way, the spraying arms’ movements will be optimized based on the size of the work pieces.

تجهیزات اسکن قطعات دستگاه پاشش رنگ Cefla EASY

The conveyor belt in Easy contains a belt which is made of carbon fiber and is resistant against solvents. The width of the conveyor belt is 1950mm and regarding the recovery of the color, having a long-lasting life, and also easy replacement has a huge advantage comparing to the similar machines of its kind.

In this model, there will not be any excessive color left under or around the work pieces even though the finishing is applied thoroughly on every part of the work piece including its edges with the highest possible quality.

Apart from that, the Easy model owns a locating system in its automatic cleaning process and automatic movements of belt in its conveying belt. The tailing part of the conveying belt is placed out of the color box, which has resulted in a better air circulation in this section and also prevents the conveyor belt from environmental contaminations.

سیستم نوار نقاله پاشش رنگ Cefla EASY

Moreover, the ability to manipulate the speed will lead to coordination of conveyor belt and the outer belt.

  • The Color Box Section

The circulation of fresh air inside the color box leads to improvement of the air flow of the system. In fact, the Cefla Company has presented such technology which is called Airsphere. This technology is an innovative method for controlling the air flow inside the machine in order to maximize spraying quality and higher transfer-efficiency.

Therefore, the least maintenance and reparation will be needed.

  • The Automatic Cleaning System

تضمین هماهنگی بین نوار نقاله و تسمه خروجی Cefla EASY

Cefla Co. is the first company to produce a conveyor belt with CFB (Carbone Fiber Conveyor Belt) technology. By spinning of immaculate edge coating pulley, the surface of the belt would be wiped out of the remains of the overspray and it gets recovered. This is how the other parts of the CFB’s cleaning system is guaranteed considering efficiency and life duration. Applying this unique system, will result in the decrease of solvent’s use and on the other side, the time of cleaning will be considerably reduced.

Also, the Flex version is considered for those customers who need to spray non-stop with the machine for smaller products.

  • The Spraying Arms

بازوهای نگهدارنده تفنگ پاشش رنگ Cefla EASY

In this model, the two arms to spray the moist finishing on the moist surfaces is ideal. The movement of the both spray-gun arms is controlled by a brushless servo motor and is done with a timing belt.

  • The Replacement of the Spray-Gun Arms

قابلیت تعویض تفنگ های پاشش رنگ Cefla EASY

Depending on the type of demand, the spray-guns have the ability to move in every direction, to change the color and to be cleaned so easily.

  • The Electronic Controlling Panel

کنترل پنل الکترونیکی دستگاه پاشش رنگ اتوماتیک Cefla EASY

The panel is equipped with PLC controlling system and a touch display monitor to administrate the system in a simple way.

  • The Compartment inside the Color Box

محفظه داخل اتاق رنگ اتوماتیک Cefla EASY

The color box has an exceptional design in order to produce a product with the highest quality. Also, there are some holes in the different sides of the color box to let the air flow of the surroundings in and out of the box.

The EasyW Model

مکانیزم هوای ورودی و خروجی در مدل Cefla EASYW

In this model, the incoming air flow passes the dry filters by the help of the pressure unit and then is expelled from the exhaust by the fans.

It is contained of two sets of dry fans so as to separate the color particles from the sucked air flow which is an efficient solution for avoiding maintenance costs. Also, filters have large surfaces which help it completely isolate the incoming and outgoing air flow.

  • The Filtering Unit, Containing Large Bags

سیستم شستشو دستگاه پاشش رنگ اتوماتیک Cefla EASY

The water refinement is done inside the tank, where the filth are gathered by the fans.

  • The Washing System

It contains a dynamic refinement system in order to prevent the solid particles to scatter in the air. The maximum amount is up to 3MG/MC.

واحد فیلترینگ دستگاه پاشش رنگ اتوماتیک Cefla EASY

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Automatic cleaning

Standard – Option

Air conditioner


Conveyor mechanism

Carbon fiber belt