biesse نوین چوب
Max. working width1350, 1600, 1900 mm
Working thickness3~200 mm
Feed speed4~20 m/min


Soft rollers with a cross-section up to 400 mm combined with pad and Superfinishing Pad groups equipped with patented HP and HP DUO technology for sanding rough, veneered and/or painted panels.

The Roller unit is extremely precise and effective. Depending on the hardness of the rubber and the roller’s cross-section.The unit can be used to calibrate, sand or finish.

The Roller unit with HP (High Performance) technology supports the processing of panels of varying thickness with no need to change the working position. This solution reduces machine set-up times and ensures a homogeneous finish even on batches of panels with different thickness (up to 1.4 mm variation).

Finish and flatness reach optimal quality levels, delivering a perfect end product to the customer for subsequent finishing and polishing thanks to the option of combining working units such as the Superfinishing Pad and cross units equipped with HP and HP DUO technology

Max. working width

1350, 1600, 1900 mm

Working thickness

3~200 mm

Feed speed

4~20 m/min