Sander QCM SRRP1300C

qcm نوین چوب
Working width40~1300 mm
Working thickness3~120 mm
Overall dimension2800*2040*2200 mm
Weight5050 Kg

QCM Three-Unit Sander SRRP1300C

The wide belt three-unit sander machine QCM SRRP 1300C is a powerful machine for sanding the surface of every kind of wood and preparing it for finishing works. The QCM Co. of China is one of the pioneers in producing advanced machines in wood industry. This product is perfectly suitable for companies and workshops which produce wood pieces of products. The three-unit QCM SRRP 1300C is an economic type of machine which is an ideal choice for medium manufacturing companies. The primary advantage of this machine is to produce super flat surfaces of wood.

The whole procedure of sanding will be done automatically and at a high level of speed and accuracy. In SRRP 1300C sander, the operator is able to adjust the speed of feeding, the pressure of the sanding belt on the work piece, and to change the height of the infeed table based on the size of the work piece.

The Units of SRRP 1300C

The QCM SRRP 1300C sander machine have three separate motors with 30HP, 40HP, and 50HP.
• The first and second units have a rolling design while the third unit have a combination of roll and pad. The first unit have a metal roller in order to use rougher abrasives and the second unit has a plastic roller to use smoother abrasives.
• The third unit is contained of two plastic drums, both of which a pad of abrasive has placed in between. The third unit is a place where the sanding process is done in its smoothest way. In this machine the units are static and the infeed table moves.

The pressure of sanding in each unit is separately adjusted by each unit’s controlling system. Since the third unit is the final step in the process of sanding in this machine, the settings are more specific and more accurate. Moreover, the back and forth movement combines with the rotation of sanding belts and makes faster and smoother results. At the tailing part of the machine there is a brush which is spun by a 1HP motor and cleans the surface of the work piece before ejecting it.

The Infeed Table

The infeed table of this machine moves upwards and downwards by the 5HP motor and gearboxes; the extent of the table’s movement is set by the work piece’s dimensions. Also, the conveyor belt of the table stirs by the powerful 5.5KW motor whit gearboxes and is controlled by an inverter for the speeds of 6m/s and 30 m/s. An intelligent system which is contained of a limit switch and a pneumatic jack, prevents the conveyor belt from being driven out of its movement orbit.

The Panel of the Machine

The panel of the SRRP 1003C contains knobs and buttons for switching the three units on and off, buttons for adjusting the extent of table’s movement based on the dimensions of the work piece, buttons for turning the conveyor on and off and a gauge for setting the speed of the conveyor, the button of the emergency stop, the lamps which show errors of the machine, and an ammeter (ampere meter) which shows the current of the three units.

Installation and Guarantee

All of the products presented by Novin Choob Co. have one year of guarantee after the sale to when utilizing the machine. Training the operator would be done at the place of the customer and would be performed freely by the mechanical experts of Novin Choob Co.

The Uses of QCM Three-Units Sander SRRP 1300C

  • Sanding the surfaces of the wood pieces
  • Preparing the wood pieces for finishing step, or after applying the base color
  • The Advantages of the QCM Sander SRRP 1300C
  • Sanding every single part of the work piece with the three units
  • Benefiting from powerful motors for sanding
  • Containing an oscillator in order to apply better sanding
  • The ability to adjust the pressure of each unit separately
  • Owning a disk brake for immediate stopping of the machine when the abrasive belt was torn apart
  • Height adjustment and setting the speed of electric current
  • The intelligent system of keeping the conveyor in the circuit
Working width

40~1300 mm

Working thickness

3~120 mm

Min working length

500 mm

First group sanding belt speed

21 m/s

Second group sanding belt speed

19 m/s

Third group sanding belt speed


Feeding speed

6~30 m/min

Sanding belt size

1330*2200 mm

Total power

95.62/128 kw/HP

First group sanding belt motor

37/50 kw/HP

Second group sanding belt motor

30/40 kw/HP

Third group sanding belt motor

22/30 kw/HP

Conveying belt motor

5.5/7.5 kw/HP

Worktable lifting motor

0.37/0.5 kw/HP

Dust brush motor

0.75/1 kw/HP

Suction hood dia

7*150 mm

Working pressure

0.6 Mpa

Overall dimension

2800*2040*2200 mm


5050 Kg