Multi Functional CASADEI C41ES

casadei نوین چوب
Surface Planer Max working width410 mm
Thickness Planer Max working width300 mm
Spindle Moulder Max working height125 mm
Saw spindle moulder table dimension1380*465 mm

Multi Functional CASADEI C41ES

Surface Planer Max working width

410 mm

Total length of surface table

2200 mm

Tiltable surface fence

99 – 45 degree

Thickness Planer Max working width

300 mm

Thicknessing table dimension

410*775 mm

Max stock removal

5 mm

Min/Max working height

3.5/240 mm

Min working length on thicknesser

180 mm

Cutterblock diameter

95 mm

No. of knives


Spindle speed

5000 r/min

Feed speed on thicknesser

6~12 m/min

Circular Saw Max squaring stroke with crosscutting frame

2250 mm

Max diameter of saw blade with installed scoring unit

350 mm

Scoring blade dia

120 mm

Saw blade tilting

90 – 45 degree

Max saw blade projection at 90 / 45

117 / 84 mm

Cutting width on rip fence

1000 mm

Spindle Moulder Max working height

125 mm

Spindle moulder speed at 50 Hz

3500/6000/8000/10000 r/min

Max diameter of tool lowered under table

240 mm

Max tool diameter when tenoning

240 mm

Saw spindle moulder table dimension

1380*465 mm