CNC Bandsaw OAV YC015

oav نوین چوب
Max. cutting capacity150*1200*2000 mm
Cutting angle-90~+90
Saw blade speed2000 m/min
Overall dimension2600*3300*5200 mm

Regarding the increasing expenses of production process and the costs of raw materials, the companies today endeavor to create the most efficient production processes with the least amount of human action costs by utilizing the professional automatic facilities and machines. In the wood industry, cutting wood in curved lines has always been a time-consuming and costly (due to producing a considerable waste amount of wood) process for woodworkers. The old generation of cutting machines also did not have enough space for curved cuts either.

In former methods of curved cuts, for example for cutting a chair’s leg and the leg or the crown of a sofa, the woodworker should make the cuts in several steps by hand drawing the cutting lines on the work pieces, or using the wooden templates. Because the standard band saws are designed for straight cuts, in order to make a curved cut with a band saw the woodworker has to make the cut in different directions by hand.

With the CNC band saw which is presented by Novin Choob Co. it is much easier to make a curved cut in a completely automatic process. Therefore, there is no need to pass the several steps of former methods and besides, the amount of wastes will be decreased to a much lower level. The three primary features of this machine are the speed of work, increased accuracy, and incomparable safety during the work.

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Product’s Specifications

This machine is available in two sizes of 120×120 and 120×150. Due to the vast usage of this machine in furniture industry, the infeed table’s size is designed based on the largest leg size of a sofa or a chair.

The CNC band Saw OAV YC015 is basically known as a 4-pivots machine. The Z pivot of this machine is contained of those Servo motors in between the two wheels and help the blade turn 75 degrees to left and right.

Also, you are able to design the pattern of your cut in AutoCAD software and the computer of the machine reads the data that is received to create the cuts. The operator can draw the desired patterns in AutoCAD and transport it to the machine using a network or USB cable. However, having a 15-inches display monitor, this machine provides the operator with the ability to draw the pattern on its monitor too.

The CNC Band Saw’s Advantages

• High speed in cutting process
• Accomplishing the cutting process in a completely safe condition
• No need to wooden templates or hand drawing the cutting lines
• Only one operator is needed
• High efficiency in cutting curved lines
• Advanced and powerful CNC controller with a user-friendly interface
• 75-degrees rotation of the blade to the sides
• Equipped with powerful Servo motors and carriage rails which create powerful and soft movement of the infeed table
• The high-quality, long-lasting, and a more beautiful infeed table which is made of aluminum alloy
• Handy controller to specify the starting spot of the cut
• Automatic evacuation of the waste woods from the infeed table with the help of the hinged plate and pneumatic jack

Other Specifications

The main motor of this machine with 7.5 KW (10 HP) power spins the wheels and the blade. This amount of power has the capacity to cut any kind of wood very easily.

In this band saw there are two gearboxes with Servo motor, which help them twist the blade (Z pivot) to left and right up to 75 degrees.

The bond which covered the wheels, would block the harmful noise of the machine during the work by absorbing the excessive rotation of the blade and vibrations of it while cutting the work pieces. This bond also prevents the blade and the wheels from friction and therefore less heat would be produced. The excessive heat produced while working would result in the contraction and expansion of the blade and lessen the life of your blade or will break it. The bond on the wheels has a convex shape which prevents the teeth of the blade from being collided and also from losing the left and right position of the teeth.

Brush Cleaner

While rotation of the wheels, two brush cleaners wipe the saw dust off the work pieces, repeatedly. The saw dust is sucked by the dust collector’s pipe and gathered in the dust bag of the machine. Because this is an industrial machine, after the cuts being done, the table of the machine will automatically twist up to 45 degrees to one side so as to discharge the cut pieces of wood and get the machine ready to cut new pieces.

Saw Blades

Normally, the 1-centimeters blades are the most proper blades to be used in this machine. However, regarding the fact that these blades are meant to be used for curved cuts they should have specific attributes. The most suitable blades for this machine is also presented by Novin Choob Co. for the customers.


There are 4 pneumatic clamps installed on the infeed table of this machine. The most height of the work piece is 9 cm. two pneumatic jacks with roller bases are placed in front of the clamps, and holds excessive movements of the work pieces while the cutting process.

The Automatic Lubrication System

Regarding the mechanical nature of this machine, lubrication is inevitable and it should be done regularly. This CNC band saw have the ability to perform all steps of lubrication automatically or with pre-programmed settings done by the operator. However, there might be a handy lubrication needed in some specific cases.

Main Panel of the Machine

Main panel works as the head of the CNC band saw which provides the operator with the ability to draw the cutting patterns and controlling the actions of the machine. The display monitor also enables the operator to administrate the machines various actions and to control its software. There are other buttons and keys on the panel which carry out different actions on the cutting process. There are two USB ports and a network port in order to transfer the data.


While putting the work piece on the infeed table, the pneumatic jack of the machine conducts the protector downwards to hinder the probable dangers created when the blade is broken or when the operator make a mistake.

One of the most efficient and yet precious capabilities of this CNC machine is the calculation of a safe cut. The machine automatically calculates the cutting angle and how the blade moves during a cut before making it and if the pattern would not be possibly performed or if making the cut would result in breaking the blade, the machine warns the operator to edit the pattern and make it applicable.

There are two keys in both sides of the CNC band saw and a key on the panel to turn off the machine immediately for the sake of emergency. Therefore, if any problem happens while working with the machine the operator would be able to stop the machine from working.

Installation and Guarantee

All of the products presented by Novin Choob Co. have one year of guarantee after the sale to when utilizing the machine. Training the operator would be done at the place of the customer and would be performed freely by the mechanical experts of Novin Choob Co.

Max. cutting capacity

150*1200*2000 mm

Cutting angle


Cutting depth

650 mm

Saw blade dimension

0.8*12.5*5900 mm

Wheel dia

890 mm

Wheel speed

750 r/min

Saw blade speed

2000 m/min

Adjustable wheel

0~80 mm

X-axis feed speed

0~70 mm

Y-axis feed speed

0~20 mm

X-axis motor

3.5 kw

Y-axis motor

1.6 kw

Z-axis motor

0.7 kw

Total power

15 HP

Overall dimension

2600*3300*5200 mm


3800 Kg