Multi Row Drilling KDT 546B

kdt نوین چوب
Working width (X Direction)35-2450 mm
Max. working thickness70 mm
Height of working table950 mm
Overall size3680*3000*1760 mm

Because the drilling machine has a wide variety of usages like creating shelf holder holes, cabinet hinges’ holes, and mini fix holes etc. in the woodworking shops and companies it exists in different sizes and diameters. The 546B drilling machine is a product of KDT Company. KTD is a Commonwealth Company on which China and the South Korea have invested. Novin Choob Co. is the exclusive agent of KDT Co. in Iran.

KDT 546B has 4 head bits with the infeed length of 245 cm. In this machine there are 4 heads for drilling which, like any other drilling machine, there’s one head containing 21 fix heads for drilling in the edge of the work piece. In sum, this machine has got 86 bits.

The order of the head bits in the KDT rotation drilling machine is 11 ones in a row and the distance between the bits is 32 mm. the 360-degrees rotation of horizontal head enables you to set the machine for drilling in different directions. For each unit of bit there is a template to help you put the work piece in place and also adjust the place and the depth of the hole.

From the special capabilities of this machine, is having two rows of 21 bits; one that is fixed as mentioned above, and the other is able to drill the other edge of the work piece with the ability to rotate. This head can drill in both vertical and horizontal directions. This capability is meant to be even more precious when you aim to create mini fix holes in the wood pieces.

The body of this drilling machine has a heavy structure. This will prevent the machine from moving while drilling the work pieces and eliminates the excessive vibrates. Therefore, the accuracy of work will increase. This machine weighs almost 2 tons with its other accessories.

The units in the drilling section move in the direction of the rail. With the signs being installed on this rail you can easily move the head of the units to the extent you desire. The units are fixed in their place by pneumatic clamps.

The powerful pneumatic jacks with adjustable plastic bases are installed on specific rails and can move in different directions. This pneumatic jacks would hold the work piece fixed in place in order to perform the drilling process more efficient.

For safety matters, there is a rope on the body of the machine, connected to the switch. Whenever there was a problem with the machine, the operator can turn the machine off by pulling the rope.

The LCD Display Monitor

The LCD monitor of this drilling machine is touch. It also has some other abilities like displaying the animation form of machine’s actions in time, user-friendly and simple interface, separate settings for all of the 4 heads, and displaying the pressure in order to prevent the machine from working in low pressure.

The central lubrication system in this machine sprays the grease on the moving parts of it automatically. The dryer filter, refines the incoming air and adjust it.

Installation and Guarantee

All of the products presented by Novin Choob Co. have one year of guarantee after the sale to when utilizing the machine. Training the operator would be done at the place of the customer and would be performed freely by the mechanical experts of Novin Choob Co.

Other Attributes of the Rotation Drilling Machine KDT 546B

• High stability while working with the machine
• Powerful and trustable drivers
• The ability of the right head to change the direction from horizontal to vertical in order to drill vertically
• The touch LCD panel to control the machine’s actions
• Having pneumatic clamps in order to fixing the head
• Rotation of the moving head up to 90 degrees
• Adjusting the speed of sweeping and the depth of drilling from the head
• The rotation of vertical heads in 360 degrees in order to drill in different parts of the work piece

The usage of the Rotation Drilling Machine

• Drilling for cabinet hinges’ holes
• Drilling for shelf holders’ holes
• Drilling for mini fix holes
• Drilling for door lock holes

Working width (X Direction)

35-2450 mm

Max. working thickness

70 mm

Max. distance between horizontal drilling head

640 mm

Max. distance between vertical drilling head

896 mm

Min. distance between vertical drilling head

128 mm

Max. depth of horizontal drilling

35 mm

Max. depth of vertictal drilling

70 mm

Rotating speed of drilling spindles

2800 r/min (50Hz)

Height of working table

950 mm

Working pressure

0.6~0.8 Mpa

Overall size

3680*3000*1760 mm


1980 Kg