Drilling BIESSE Skipper V31

biesse نوین چوب
Working length200~2500 mm (to 3200 mm opt.)
Working width70~900 mm
Drilling headBH17L
Exclusive softwareb solid

Drilling BIESSE Skipper V31

The clamp is positioned automatically, regardless of the size of the panel. It is fixed in position quickly, thanks to the photocell pre-positioning and resetting system.

The BH17 operating section, configured with 10 independent vertical spindles + 6 horizontal spindles, along with 1 blade unit (diameter 120 mm – spindle optional), completes all of the machining operations on each of the 5 sides of the panel in a single step.

The “air veil” work tables ensure friction-free handling and adequate support of the panel

The pressure roller and the vertical pressure device ensure that the panel is firmly held in place.


Working length

200~2500 mm (to 3200 mm opt.)

Working width

70~900 mm

Working thickness

10~70 mm

Drilling head


X-axis speed

25 m/min

Y-axis speed

50 mm

Z-axis speed

25 mm

Exclusive software

b solid


4.5 kw (HSD)