biesse نوین چوب
Working length200~2600 mm (to 3200 mm opt.)
Working width35~900 mm
Exclusive softwareb solid
Tools change8


The vertical positioning of the paneland the work table with rubber rollers ensure ergonomically optimal loading/unloading which supports the machining of even the most delicate surfaces.

The work table is fitted with a counter-pressure system that keeps the panel perfectly in position within the machine depending on the thickness of the machined piece, ensuring maximum precision.

In addition, the clamps, are fitted with a panel thickness detection system that enables the machine to modify the programme’s values in real time, guaranteeing the precision of “Z”-axis machining operations.

The laser scanner system that detects the start and the end of the panel enables the machine to compensate dimensional errors, correcting the panel’s X dimensions.

The upper sensor systems consists of two photocells that can detect the panel’s height and correct the size with respect to the “Y” axis.

8-position tool magazine that manages different types of aggregates, thus increasing the machine’s versatility.

Working length

200~2600 mm (to 3200 mm opt.)

Working width

35~900 mm

Working thickness

8~60 mm

Drilling head

BH23L or BH17L

X-axis, Y-axis speed

65 m/s

Z-axis speed

20 m/s

Exclusive software

b solid


4.5, 5.5 kw (HSD)

Tools change