4 Side Moulder QCM QMB418

qcm نوین چوب
Working width20~180 mm
Working thickness8~100 mm
Overall dimension3040*1600*1680 mm
Weight2600 Kg

4 Side Moulder QCM QMB418

Working width

20~180 mm

Working thickness

8~100 mm

Min working length (intermittent/continuous)

530/300 mm

Saw spindle dia

40 mm

Feeding speed

8~33 m/min

First spindle speed

6800 r/min

Other spindle speed

8000 r/min

Cutter dia First bottom cutter

125 mm

Left/Right vertical cutter

115~170 mm

Upper horizontal cutter

105~150 mm

Total power

21.25/29 kw/HP

The first bottom cutter

4/5.5 kw/HP

Left vertical cutter

4/5.5 kw/HP

Right vertical cutter

4/5.5 kw/HP

The first upper cutter

5.5/7.5 kw/HP

Feeding motor

3/4 kw/HP

Beam lifting

0.75/1 kw/HP

Air supply pressure

0.3~0.6 Mpa

Suction hood dia

4*120 mm

Overall dimension

3040*1600*1680 mm


2600 Kg