KDT found in 1992 as a huge industrial company with investment of some South Korea and China leader organizations with goal of expanding and upgrading the quality of woodworking machines. In 1998 this company start to setting up an extensive factory with newest technologies and standards.

Today, through accurate and modern designs and high quality products, KDT have high market share of wood industry machines all over the world. KDT growing success has forced the competitors to copy the KDT machines, but a poor copy with so much difference in quality and the price. In 12 years, Novinchoob is honored to work with KDT and is the exclusive KDT agent in Iran for consultant, installation and after sales.

With selling more than 12000 KDT machines, Novinchoob made the highest market share for this company in Iran.

KDT has different departments such as, cutting department, edge banding, drilling and automatic production line with highest growth percent among competitors. KDT is popular for supplying spare parts and maintenance and very quick and low price after sales.

KDT slogan is: Quality and durability, machine accuracy in long term, cost benefit, and value added for customer.